Kitchen Shelves

We finally got around to adding more storage capacity to our kitchen by making a simple set of shelves.

Tent Poles Repair

My brothers, my father and I used to go camping every summer up at Tobermory or Killarney. In recent years I’ve been able to get away a few times but usually on my own. Last summer my eldest brother decided he would like to go camping again near the end of June and then again as August turned to September. He invested in a $30 tent on Kijiji. The previous owners were honest about how much it had been used. In particular the only thing “wrong” with is was the elastic in the poles was shot. After we returned from the first trip I replaced the elastic as shown below.

Keychain Repair

My keychain recently broke ties with my keys. As I’d rather not loose my keys I decided to repair the bond between them.

Debugging Torche Lamp Failure

The other day my torche (pole) lamp failed to turn on. It’s one of those with a three setting rotary switch (off, low, high) and a halogen bulb. So we set about debugging/fixing it.

Aglet Upgrades

“An aglet is a small sheath, often made of plastic or metal, used on each end of a shoelace, a cord, or a drawstring.” Wikipedia You know, that thing that at the end of your shoelace that disintegrates after a few years and leaves your shoelace exposed and unravelling. Or if you’re of a certain age that thing Phineas and Ferb wrote a song about.